Cancellation within 10 days and before Shipping

You may cancel your Order within 10 days of placing the Order, in which case, providing the item has not been shipped, we will refund the price and shipping costs. A 5% fee may be charged for administration. Please contact us to arrange.

Cancellation after 10 days and before Shipping

Any request to cancel your Order after 10 days of placing the Order is at our discretion and may be subject to a cancellation charge of 10% for handling and administration. Please contact us to arrange.

Once goods have been shipped we cannot offer Refunds but you can arrange Returns.   


Returns AFTER Shipping

Unopened Goods returned within 30 days

We may accept returns of unopened items in the original packaging within 30 days of delivery with receipt or proof of purchase. Please contact us within 7 days of receipt to request your closest return shipping address. You must arrange and pay for the items to be returned to us within 30 days of receipt. A 20% administration and re-stocking fee will apply. Please contact us to arrange.

Damaged or Defective Goods returned within 30 days (opened and unused)

We recommend you check your Softsafe® products immediately upon receipt. We accept returns of unused damaged or defective items within 30 days of delivery with receipt or proof of purchase.

  • If your item is damaged or defective on delivery, please contact us within 7 days with details of the product and the defect
  • We will provide you with the closest return shipping address
  • Upon receipt of the returned item, we will examine it and notify you via email whether you are entitled to a replacement
  • If so, we will send you a replacement and refund your cost of shipping

We do not accept returns of used items:
Any item which may have come into contact with bees, honey or is otherwise not in original condition cannot be returned: Local, national and international quarantine and customs laws apply to the shipping of used bee equipment and products (including bee keepers suits)  Costs and procedures associated with shipping used bee products may make returns of used items uneconomical or unfeasible  We have a For Sale area on our forum to facilitate sale of used beehives and equipment.


Returns process:

If you return items to us, you must follow instructions including

a) placing shipping labels that we email you on the box; and

b) notifying us when the item has been shipped, buy whom, and with what consignment and tracking numbers.

If you do not do this we will not be able to trace the goods to your account and may not be able to provide a refund, or will reduce your refunds by the additional costs required to identify and trace the goods.


Warranty Claims

For Warranty enquiries, please view the Full Terms and Conditions of Sale below or contact us.

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