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If you drop a full brood frame during a routine inspection you are sure to attract unwanted attention of bees,  Even The friendlies hive can get cranky sometimes and when they do you want to know you are wearing the ever best available prevention wear our Poly Cotton jackets  are just that.
 SOFT SAFE beekeeping Jacket poly cotton heavy duty
PROTECTION – Australian Brand SOFT SAFE beekeeper Jacket is made with heavy duty poly cotton, provides best protection against bee stings.
REDUCED RISK OF STINGS – SOFT SAFE maintains a protective barrier against bees. Fabric is heavy duty and thick enough to protect you against bee stings.
EASY TO WEAR – SOFT SAFE Jackets allow easy wearing and removal. The Velcro and elastics on the wrists allow you comfort, and the veils easily attach with zippers.
DURABLE & LONG-LASTING – Designed to last for years, our Jacket’s hood is made of strong mesh, industrial-grade material,
ENHANCED FEATURES -High Quality Zippers, smoother and more durable , Front neck zippers overlap each other and for extra protection it has a flap to cover the zipper. 
With its excellent quality material, the SOFT SAFE Beekeeping Jacket provides the best protection.
Flap over the front zipper for extra security
High SPI stitch per inch It essentially decides the strength of our garment.
This suit comes with Fencing Hood , Round & Square Hood with high visibility mesh
Our hood features a patented insert within the hood, which distances the mesh from your face.
For your safety, zippers on the neck overlap each other so no chance of bee entrance.
Plastic zipper is smoother and long lasting zipper
Increases the life of your Jacket.
 Australian Brand, SOFT SAFE

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